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Why Choose Us?

Dr. Choe has been practicing since 1992. He is well established in the community, and takes pride in his patients being happy and satisfied with their trip to his office. The staff has been in the dental field for more than 150 years combined experience. We have the knowledge to give the patients the best possible care. We are gentle and caring, and hope to make your experience here a great one. We welcome all new patients to come and see for yourself. We appreciate all of our existing patients and hope to care for all your dental needs in the future.

Certififcates of completion

Dr Han Kyoung Choe DDS

Dr. choe is a general dentist graduated from USC school of dentistry.

He served as a clinical instructor for fixed and removable restorative department in USC dental school.

He served as a director of General Practitioners Residence program in Sam Sung Medical Center of Seoul Korea.

He opened this practice near Victorville downtown in 1998, and relocated to the present location in 2003.

  • The first thing you must do is go to the dentist. Not just every now and┬áthen when something hurts or breaks, but on a regular basis. Once or twice a year is a minimum to prevent┬ámajor disasters.
  • People neglect their teeth for all sorts of reasons. While cost is often given as the reason, fear, time and embarrassment are just as common.
  • Bad teeth are embarrassing for many people. Over the years I have watched people get a new lease on life from having a smile make-over.