Root Canal With Or Without Crown in Victorville, California

Tooth infections are common but need proper treatment before things turn really bad for your overall health. A root canal with or without crown is the best way to treat the infected area and protect the natural composition of the tooth.

The goal of a root canal is to preserve the infected tooth. In the procedure, the dentists remove the dying or dead tissue and clean the bacteria from inside the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

When you visit our clinic, our experienced dentist Mr. Choe will examine the infected tooth, and according to the situation, he will drill into the tooth to reach the severely infected core of the pulp to thoroughly clean it.

After the pulp is removed, the root is filled with a unique dental material that covers the hollow tooth and ensures that no bacteria can get inside. For a strong structure, the whole tooth is covered or capped with an artificial crown after the root canal treatment to minimize the chances of the tooth breaking.

The Advantages Of Root Canal Treatment With Or Without Crown

  • Restore the smile
  • Maintains natural appearance.
  • A normal sensation of biting force
  • Comfortable chewing
  • Prevents the jawbone to degenerate
  • Enhances oral and overall health
  • It prevents the spread of infection
  • Protects the neighboring teeth from excessive wear or strain

What Is Crown?

A crown is a cap for your teeth and often used when a patient requires bridges or implants. It provides extra strength to the weak structure of the tooth. Without a crown, the weak tooth may break, split, crack, or fracture.

Root Canal Without Crown

A crown will seal the tooth and provide the finishing touch after a root canal treatment- but it isn’t necessary in every case. The incisor and canine teeth are reasonably strong, so as long as the tooth is relatively intact and has a strong base, you may not need a crown at all.

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